Annie (and Hozier)

If you missed the 2015 Grammy’s and missed the performance by Hozier & Annie Lennox, here it is. Fantastic…

Thank you Rachel


  1. Love Annie!

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  2. She’s amazing! What a voice.

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  3. Love love love Hozier and Annie is an absolute Legend. 🙂 Happy Sunday

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  4. I’m completely obsessed with Hozier at the moment (have you seen the video of the Russian ballet dancer performing to his song–love! And Annie Lenox is a CLASSIC! 😊

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  5. ANNIE!!!!! best mash-up of the night…

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  6. Annie ROCKS!

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  7. ioved this song already, now even more. annie is a force to be reckoned with.

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  8. Thank you DK!!! I had missed this, kept hearing about it and for some reason didn’t get around to looking it up. Thank you for serving it up for me! 🙂

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