Sunday Morning: Clouds


I’ve always loved looking at clouds. Nothing in nature rivals their variety and drama; nothing matches their sublime, ephemeral beauty. If a glorious sunset of Altocumulus clouds were to spread across the heavens only once in a generation, it would surely be amongst the principal legends of our time. Yet most people barely seem to notice the clouds, or see them simply as impediments to the “perfect” summer’s day, an excuse to feel “under the weather.”

Gavin Pretor-PinneyThe Cloudspotter’s Guide: The Science, History, and Culture of Clouds

  • Photograph: Photograph taken by William Eggleston. During a 1978 road trip from Georgia to Tennessee, Eggleston photographed the sky from the car window using an early instant camera. The resulting images evoked small fragments of classical frescoes. The following day, he lay on the ground and continued to shoot the sky above. “At Zenith” brings together fifteen pigment prints from the Wedgwood Blue cloud series, in which Eggleston takes celestial zenith—the point of sky directly overhead—as his exclusive subject. These meditative images of wispy clouds interspersed with cerulean blue are painterly variations on a universal theme that has inspired artists from John Constable to Gerhard Richter. The photographs represent a broadening of Eggleston’s quotidian subjects—an exploratory, sky-gazing caesura within the lush panorama of his oeuvre.
  • Sources: Photo: Time Lightbox via Radiating Blossom. (Thank you Carol.) Quote Source – Brainpickings


  1. I for one, can’t imagine how clouds can go unnoticed – whether filling the sky with the portend of rain, or playing a game of tag with the sun. They demand my attention, and I gratefully provide it.

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  2. I always notice the clouds!~It’s a free art show available for all 🙂

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  3. I have answered a lot of my questions looking at the clouds, their slow movement and soft presence reminds me to be calm and light.

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  4. I too notice clouds all the time. As a child I would pass long car rides by discovering images in the clouds. I still do.

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  5. I spent a lot of time studying the clouds from all angles this week during my travels–passing over them and under them and noting the way they appear over foreign terrain. Their lessons are potent: their ephemeral nature reminds me that, if something is off, it will eventually pass, and if something is wonderful, reveal in it, because it can be gone in the blink of an eye…

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  6. One of the things I most love about Normandy…the amazing clouds

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  7. Jueseppi B. says:

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  8. I LOVE the beauty of clouds…which is the reason I have taken so many photographs of them. 🙂 I too cannot imagine not noticing the amazing glory and beauty of clouds. Here’s something funny for you. When my son was in high school and I was taking him to a charter school in another city, I would purposely take the back road to school so that I (and hopefully my son too) could spend time looking at the clouds…AND the cows! I love cows too! I used to tell my son that someday I’m going to put together a photo album titled Clouds & Cows. Go ahead, you can laugh now.

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  9. In winter, here in the Pacific NW coastal and valley areas, we, more often than not, live in the clouds with a sky so gray one cannot see the cloud shapes. In spring, summer and fall, the background sky takes on such a depth of blue the foreground of clouds takes on a multi-dimensional dance of cotton balls with an occasional rainbow. It can be overwhelming, especially while driving!

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  10. I love them too and even like to lay on the snow and look up at them, imagining…

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  11. Without clouds, the sky would be so uninteresting. I particularly love a cloudy sunset.

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  12. It was a long, slow, traffic-filled post-Thanksgiving trek home (does eating too much have an effect on the ability to drive at normal speeds, consistently?!?) yesterday, and it was some amazing and dramatic clouds that kept me sane while inching along at oh, maybe 7 mph for far too much time! Yes to clouds!

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