Falling like that, just simply falling.


Each of these leaves had just one chance to feather the air with an arabesque of yellow or red, backlit and buoyant, just one chance to be held on the palm of the year, then briskly brushed away like an instant. Maybe two hundred leaves lie piled together under this empty maple, their jumpsuits weighing them down with color, the wind knocked out of them. Quickly it passed, but how well they did it, falling like that, just simply falling.

~ Ted KooserOctober. The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book

Photograph: Scott Masterton (Gosford Ho, Scotland, United Kingdom)


  1. That’s very deep!

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  2. describes a person’s life perfectly.

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  3. Perfect. Even when read repeatedly.

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  4. Gosh, this guy is good. One sucker punchline after another.

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  5. I could stare at that photo forever!

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  6. That picture is too beautiful…

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  7. That makes me feel good. Beautiful. Perfect for today.

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  8. Beautiful. At all levels.

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  9. That is darned pretty.

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  10. Beautiful seems an understatement – but it is! I love writing like that, thanks for the link to the book, I might just go for that one! 🙂

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