Then — with a thunderous roar replied…


The Gods called your name
and the seas turned dark;
the earth quaked with power.

You looked up at Olympus
screaming at the gates;
“What will I become?”

The Gods fell silent, then-
with a thunderous roar replied;
“Who are you now?”

— Achilles

Credits: Poem via Mirroir.  Photograph: Lightning Storm in Corfu, Greece. Thank you Cristi. (With Greek Mythology, you need to bring a fantastic photo from Greece!)



  1. WOW. How perfectly the photo and words fit!

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  2. love. love. love.

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  3. Fantastic! Would love to have this pairing as a poster on my office wall. Bazinga, DK! 🙂

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  4. Yes!

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  5. Awesome photo! If not now, when?

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  6. The perfect storm!

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  7. Omg. I had to read this over and over, each time with a thud-like wow. Wow.

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  8. Thank you, David! I wish this was my photo, but all the credits goes to the unknown photographer! 🙂

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