Just like that…


“What was, is;
What might have been, might be.
What’s kept. What’s lost. A snap decision.”

– Adrienne Rich, from Later Poems Selected And New

Poem Source: Soaked In Soul. Photograph: “Enigma”; Kenny Sweeney


  1. all happen in a moment’s time.


  2. I have regretting many of my snap decisions made in a manic state–unpublished novels burned, friendships torched, entire households purged. But there’s no going back.

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  3. Hmmm…once again, words behaving as a GIF and provoking me loop through them again and again, and….

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  4. Funny…Just Like That was/is the title of an album we made with African and Canadian musicians in a small studio in Kampala almost exactly 20 years ago now. Just reading the title makes me nostalgic…it was about living “just like that”.

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  5. David,

    You gather such a striking range of quotes, thoughts, and observations. Each entry is a “surprise” in that sense, which makes your blog such a great place to drop by- as I have done this fall evening.

    Thank you.


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