Sleep like a bird?

Tree hotel in Sweden

It is the Treehotel’s Bird’s Nest room in Harads, in northern Sweden. From the outside, the room resembles an actual nest, a conglomerate of giant twigs. But from the inside, the room looks like that of a luxury resort. It’s large enough to sleep four. The design was to provide a contrast between indoors and outdoors.

Don’t miss photo’s of the inside of the Bird’s Nest Room at Treehotel puts you up…in a bird’s nest.


  1. How cool is this!!

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  2. Ohhh, I want to go! Bucket list! 🙂

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  3. i imagine waking up in that nest, being flown away, clutched in the talons of a giant eagle. okay, i’ll get some coffee….

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  4. …and a toothpick is always within arms reach.

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  5. Reblogged this on Writing Out Loud and commented:
    I have just one question, where is the bathroom?

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  6. Awesome! A bird’s eye view. And those are the coolest bunkbeds ever!

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  7. Now that is different.

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  8. So cool! I just got back from vacation with my son and we spent the better part of three days in a Treehouse! 36ft up and built around a 160 yr old cedar tree – outfitted with toilet, sink, mini fridge, coffee maker and plenty of beds. That was cool! This nest? It’s like the Treehouse on steroids. Amazing!!

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  9. Fun!
    Chirp, chip 🙂

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  10. That’s how we live at home. Explains a lot.

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