Our Zeke. In the Pose.


…False. Not Zeke. Our Zeke wouldn’t stand still for 3 seconds. Love this dog and the spray paint art.

Now, here’s Rachel’s shot of our Zeke in his real pose (and yes, bribed to look up for a treat).


Top Photograph: stuffedpaper.com. Thank you Rachel for Zeke photo.


  1. There’s something about the real Zeke’s eyes that gets me every time. He’s gorgeous (and looks like he’s a very sincere guy). The pitcher adjusts her cap, holds the eye of the batter…and then…..did you see that pitch O.M.G.!! AWWWWWWWWWWW Zeke!!

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  2. How wonderful and he looks like a keeper…


  3. Alex Jones says:

    For a moment I thought you had been expressing your creative devotion of your magnificent dog in art.

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  4. He’s a handsome boy…..

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  5. Would love to get a spray painted portriat of my dog!

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  6. Awesome painting and wonderful photo. Zeke is a looker, no doubt about it, and definitely worthy of th awwwwww puppy that was bestowed upon him. 🙂 I’ve actually been thinking of taking my crew to this fabulous photographer in Boston for a little photo shoot. http://dogbreathphoto.com 🙂

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  7. …and that’s how they do it! That’s their magical way of steeling our hearts. A big kiss to Zeke! 🙂

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  8. Give him another treat for me 🙂 MJ

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  9. anticipation shows in every part of his body…

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  10. Handsome fellow.

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  11. Fresh!

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  12. mural is grrreat, but the real thing is grrrrrreater!.

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