Dementia: Holding onto Reason


Source: Cart via Madame Scherzo. Unpublished cover for New Scientist magazine about oncoming Dementia and how to manage it.


  1. Too sad to like
    but a great post


  2. it is precarious like so many things in life


  3. This is one I’ll save and read tonight when I have a little more time….thanks for providing the info.


  4. hard to hang on when they are being lifted away from you and into the air.


  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Storms show up to ruin the party.


  6. I wonder if you’d be interested to check this link it’s about Dr. Mary Newport who treats her husband’s alzheimer’s with coconut oil and gets miraculous results.


  7. Dementia is getting a lot of coverage here in the UK – the imagery you use compliments the subject well


  8. Thanks for sharing. My granny had Dementia and it is heart breaking to watch and extremely hard on a caregiver. 🙂


  9. By the time I get there, I won’t remember the reasons 😛


  10. Clouds get dark and must rain..lightning strikes and it sparkles brilliantly, as if to give warning to the crackling sound..that would the man holds on to pink balloons strings in hands..the loose ends resemble the lightning above, filled with air will go up..if the grasp loosens a bit..the man has aged and is lean..he watches the sky..and wants to see it clean..with sun shining once more..he has balloons to let go..he holds hope in his hands..and faith in his matter how weak..he has a strong believe.


  11. evaesque says:

    This is such a wonderful artwork to cover the subject dementia. I feel very touched by it…this painting tells everything about how my mother was.
    Thanks a lot for this post 🙂


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