Hump Day: Fluoride Baby. Fluoride.

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  1. David: If you haven’t seen the new movie, Tracks, you should. You will get your fix of camels, plus it’s a great story. All the best.


  2. 😀


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  4. Some orthodontia is not out of the realm of possibility either. Make it a good one, pal! 🙂

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  5. it’s all about the prominent features, baby. and being proud.


  6. Fluoride, regular brushing, and floss!

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  7. Maybe even some teeth whitening toothpaste? Just sayin’…love Caleb regardless..

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  8. …already? 🙄
    What a smile! Nuh, no fluoride for Caleb’s denture. It’s perfect as is!!! 😉

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  9. I want to spend my Wednesday laying on a beautiful beach—lucky Caleb! Happy Wednesday!


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    Hi Caleb!!! Luv ya!!


  11. My, camel, what big teeth you have!


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