Evolution? Not.


Source: Plotly via I Love Charts


  1. Ouch. Hard to hit the ‘like’ button on this one, DK. Isn’t it sad?…. I grew up in a small Midwestern town where trust was the currency of the land. Statistics like these trouble me deeply…


  2. My sentiments exactly Lori. As the polls say, we’re heading in the wrong direction.


  3. a sad statement all around, but i understand the truth behind it. as for me, i tend to have an ‘i trust until you show me otherwise’ approach to life, and it has gotten me into trouble at times, but i still choose to err on the side of human nature being innately good in most cases.


  4. It would be interesting to see how this study is broken down geographically too…..my parents in the Midwest, still don’t lock their doors.


  5. My thoughts in short? The more anonymous we become to each other, the less value trust has a currency. And that is profoundly impactful – to our society, to our relationships, and to our development as people.


  6. blimey – a sad day but perhaps understanding the way society is moving. The internet has provided a lot f access and exposed people to fraud in away that perhaps it wasnt possible in the past.


  7. Sad, but true!


  8. To be able to trust, one first must be trustworthy.


  9. Has a lot to do with the growing epidemic of “greedy robots” in the United States!


  10. I “like” the fact that you posted the chart, however I do not “like” the chart!!! 😦


  11. True. I find that most people are getting rid of friends more often than they are making them. Disappointment, due to lack of trust.


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