Can’t sleep boys?


What a mistake it was, before my bed time, to read the finishing line in The New Yorker article titled Captivity:

They are perhaps thinking only that night is falling again, and that the men will come to each of them again, an unending horror.

Fellas, here’s my short good night prayer to you:

May you find it in your heart to let them go.
All of them.
NOW. Safely. Untouched.

And if you have no Heart and remain in Darkness,
I hope you watched the News today.
And saw that your government has accepted U.S. assistance.

You may be hearing Footsteps.
We’re coming.
You may be hearing Thunder.
We’re coming.
You will see Lightening. You will feel Rain. The skies will Open.
It’s coming.

Sleep well Boys.

It’s coming. Hell is coming.


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    “Bring back our girls” …… safe!!


  2. Thunder & Lightning !!

    Thanks Dave… Well said


  3. Touched by the beauty of the poem. May your prayers be answered.


  4. David, your words brought tears…truly. The world can be so shocking and frightening. Children, the most precious beings of all…it is the responsibility of all of us to protect the children. Your words say it all.


  5. it makes me cry to think of them and then it makes me angry. and the world will not stop until you have been returned to your homes.


  6. I cannot imagine how these men think or justify their actions. I heard yesterday that they’ve vowed to kidnap more girls, going down to as young as 9 years old. What a world we live in. For all its beauty and abundant humanity, there is also a very dark underbelly, and in this instance, the actions are being taken under the guise of religion. 😦


  7. The horror of it all makes it hard to press on the like button!


  8. Such a horrifying situation


  9. Amen – May we come with relentless power and passionate intent. The reports this morning advised that more girls had been taken. The actions of a ruthless madman, the inaction of a country’s leader. Let us bring these daughters home.


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    Return The Young Ladies Now!!!


  11. Amen! Very Moving Prayer.


  12. Sunshine says:

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    Bring Back Our Girls..


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    Something to think about in the comfort of our homes.


  15. Amen to this.

    And also, to the Nigerian government – which has for years failed to act effectively to stamp out Boko Haram, and most recently in failing these girls. I hope their conscience keeps them up at night.


  16. This is a difficult topic for me to even comment on. Too emotional and angry. I worked very hard for girl’s education while in Africa. These girls are the future doctors, lawyers and economists…and tragedies like this will instill fear and set back achievements. May your thunder come…and the girls be brought home safely.


  17. Devil’s speed is all I wish these men!


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