So you want to live forever



From The Weekly Standard: So You Want to Live Forever:

Aubrey de Grey, 51, is the man who insists that within a few decades technology will enable us human beings to beat death and live forever. “Someone is alive right now who is going to live to be 1,000 years old.” 

The British-born de Grey, with a doctorate in biology from Cambridge, is also the single most colorful figure in the living-forever movement, where colorful figures generously abound. “I look as though I’m in my 30s,” he informed me…And maybe he does look that young, but it’s hard to tell, because his waist-length, waterfall-style beard​—​a de Grey trademark​—​gives him the look of an extremely spry Methuselah, who, according to the Bible, made it only to 969 years.

De Grey is actually of the phenotype Ageless British Eccentric: English Rose cheeks, piercing blue eyes, and someone-please-make-him-a-sandwich slenderness; his tomato-red shirt and gray slacks hang from angular shoulders and legs. Bony frames that verge on gauntness are a hallmark of the living-forever movement, most of whose members hew to severe dietary restrictions in order to prolong their lives while they wait for science to catch up with death. De Grey, by contrast, claims to eat whatever he likes and also to drink massive quantities of carb-loaded English ale, working it all off by punting on the River Cam in the four months a year he spends doing research back at Cambridge.

De Grey subscribes to the reigning theory of the live-forever movement: that aging, the process by which living things ultimately wear themselves out and die, isn’t an inevitable part of the human condition. Instead, aging is just another disease, not really different in kind from any of the other serious ailments, such as heart failure or cancer, that kill us. And as with other diseases, de Grey believes that aging has a cure or series of cures that scientists will eventually discover…

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  1. while he is quite an interesting fellow, i have absolutely no desire to live forever. i prefer to live fully while here for my moment in time, as brief as it may be in the scheme of the universe.


  2. Mmmm!


  3. I am definitely not joining up. “Who wants to live forever? (song by Queen),” not me, that’s for sure.


  4. I think the world could get a teensy bit overcrowded if lots of people never died. A rather daft idea. Loony tunes at it’s best. 🙂


  5. I hope they find the cure for ageing soon, but not before they find the cure for all those awful diseases or we could be stuck with illness for 1000 years..


  6. No thanks to that as an idea. Things would become so overcrowded that they’d have to introduce euthanasia to sort out the overcrowding, which rather defeats the whole object of the exercise.


  7. Hmm…interesting and a group I’ve never heard of before…a little eccentric I guess, and quite optimistic I think (not the idea of the earth over-run with old people, rather the idea that they believe in the timelessness of themselves)


  8. no thanks.


  9. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    I’m leaning toward quality of life not quantity.


  10. oh my!! How jaded we might all become. No more living in the moment and appreciating the fleetingness of our joys, no more introspection or striving if we had all the time in the world. Interesting anyway!!


  11. I can’t think of a worse torture.


  12. Mm…. maybe – but I don’t relish the thought of being a 1,000 years old. I’m wondering what mirror he’s using, he looks about 51 to me! 😉


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