This band from Iceland was formed in 2012. The sound of Hymnalaya is rooted in old Hymns which are combined with indie, ethnic and ambient textures.  The band can be found on Youtube, Facebook and on their website here.


  1. what an interesting mix. i enjoyed their gentle music.


  2. Lovely!


  3. Really lovely, and as instrumentation is added the gentleness remains.


  4. More fabulousness from Iceland. I loved the blue notes. They gave such a sense of anticipation.


  5. Now this is something special!


  6. Very nice went well with my cup of tea on a wet rainy morning 🙂


  7. This is my favorite Icelandic band. I them play a stripped down set my first night in Reykjavik, and I’ve jumped at the chance to see the band every chance since then.


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