Pause. Then, ask yourself 3 questions:




Ouch. Hitting close to the bone here…

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  1. And I would add one more “who is this comment for?”


  2. this inner monologue is why introverts are so terrible at small talk

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  3. This is really good.


  4. My 4th is ‘is it kind’?


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    My 4th is ‘is it kind’?


  6. Yikes, I’ve been known to say, ‘whoops did I just say that aloud?”


  7. I’ve heard this said differently: 1. Is it true? 2. Is it kind? 3. Is it necessary? Sometimes, 4. Did it hit the mark? overrides all, I’m ashamed to admit.


  8. if only we all paused to ask these questions


  9. Oooh that hits close – hmm maybe some thought should be given to that.


  10. funny. i teach my kinders to think through a very similar 3 questions when unsure if they should say something or not. 1) is it true? 2) is it kind? 3) is it necessary?. i help them with this if they’re not sure, and usually numbers 1 or 2, end it.


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    Simple ….. yet to the point!!


  12. Ha – will have to keep this in mind. Knowing me – the answer to all three would be yes though…


  13. Very valid questions. Sometimes you simply have to “throw it out there”. Susan x


  14. Just chatted with a friend/colleague while grabbing coffee at Starbucks. She was anxious about a meeting she was heading into and afraid she’d end up saying too much. I just said to her…”less is more. Once it’s can’t put it back…” She grinned and nodded and we clinked paper/plastic cups! Bingo!


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    So much useful wisdom in so few words …


  16. great questions to help one tune in to what you create when you choose to say something. Thanks!


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