You really believe that? Good Lord, why?


This much is irrefutable: How you direct your gaze, where you place your energy and your conviction, how you tune your perception and with what integrity and attitude you offer yourself to the world means, well, everything. Why can’t this basic truth be broadened out to humanity as a whole?…

Maybe that’s a little much. Maybe it’s better to test it all out yourself, every day, on micro scale, to feel into what you really believe, what you know to be true at core level, versus what you’ve been fed, and by whom, and for what spurious purpose…

Who the hell told you you’re broken? Who told you you’re an addict, a loser, a Type-A, a manic depressive? Who said you’re too weak to quit smoking, to start exercising, to eat better, to find love or to quit being an overbearing jerk with zero redeeming qualities? Who told you humanity must operate a certain way? Who told you you’re full of trauma and rage? Who dared tell you you’re not already God? You really believe that? Good lord, why?

~ Mark Morford, Believe this and live forever

Painting by Malcolm T. Liepke via Hungarian Soul.


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    could not have said it better myself–


  2. Really powerful – those voices in your head, whether real or created that hold you back and down. Perhaps it is less important to identify who they are, then to just invite them to leave.


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    And perhaps it is our responsibility to ourselves to ask those voices to exit, stage left.


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  5. Thanks David – I needed this xxx


  6. Good lord, why? That’s a great question.


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  8. I second Julie’s emotion, David, this was perfectly timed. And as Mimi suggested, I’ve just ordered those little buggers *out*…


  9. Totally believe that!! Great post! And by the way Awesome painting!!!! 😀


  10. And this is why we need to be so careful with what we say to children…because they many times will become what they are told they are. The demons can all start so early.


  11. So well done, so well said,so well shared. Timing, timing is sometimes everything.


  12. We agree, we are all little bits of God meant to spread lots of love. Which is why we figured we would share these ways to share more love ( . We are all love, we can’t listen to the negative voices.


  13. Oh my ~ this one’s a keeper! Thank you for sharing. ♥


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