Who’s that spectre slapping lather on my cheeks

shaving-photography-black and white

I step out my steaming shower
and wipe mist from my shaving mirror.

Who’s that spectre slapping lather
on my cheeks with bony fingers?

He’s the Ghost of Present Tense,
although he haunts the past and future.

When he brandishes his razor,
I grin and offer him my throat.

– Richard Cecil



  1. A bit macabre, but it like it. And damn, Marlon Brando was a handsome young man…..


    • Interesting. 2 people, 1 smart (you) and the other read the same piece and take away 2 different perspectives. I didn’t see/feel macabre. (and in full disclosure, I had some other observations below under Mimi’s comment)


  2. and there is no other way but to accept it. and live it. each and every day.


  3. “DAVID” (that was my impression of Marlon Brando from “A Streetcar Named Desire” – ok, he yelled “STELLA”, but I don’t know a Stella, and she has nothing to do with this response…well, yelling your name has nothing to do with this comment either..damn. More coffee)


  4. A great piece .. You should tell Mimi to get some of that coffee of beth’s … 🙂 … Have a great day David and thanks for another great post this morning …


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