Aching, aching, aching

man, face,portrait,black and white, close-up,stare

There is within me a thing that is aching, aching, aching always as the days pass.

—Mary MacLane

Credits: Poem – from Mary MacLane’s book , “I Await The Devil’s Coming”. Photograph: Bill Moore


  1. and it never goes away. a feminist way before her time.


  2. Me too..


  3. Reblogged this on Leedaze.


  4. Me three…


  5. Add me to the list…


  6. This reminds me of your Anne Carson post: where can I put it down?


  7. I rediscovered Mary MacLane in ’85, did the first anthology on her in ’93 … and I’m so happy she’s finally being read. Her depth and fire-and-ice are comforts to many people. I’m hoping to finish a biography on her soon!


  8. I haven’t seen your posts in my reader, I did though remember the name of your blog David!
    Best wishes for the New Year!


  9. I’m writing it in my diary. We can so relate to it as if it’s the story of our life. Ummm


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