Tuesday’s Gone With The Wind

Train roll on, on down the line, (On a high-speed train going South)
Won’t you please take me far away? (To the tropics, far far down South)
Now I feel the wind blow outside my door, (Friggin’ Cold wind still blowin’)
Tuesday’s gone with the wind. (Give me gentle warm breezes)
Tuesday’s gone with the wind. (I’ll take hot and humid with no wind)
Train roll on many miles from my home, (To Miami, Hawaii or Costa Rica)
See, I’m riding my blues away. (And my blues are sure to drift away)


  1. i love your interpretation of this song, excellent post. so funny, and great title. i hear you.


  2. California has no comment…whatsoever. 🙂


  3. I think we’re all wishing we could be somewhere warm, but look at the chaos in the airports! Best to stay home for a bit.


  4. I lived in Jacksonville, Florida … they have the Freebird Cafe at Jax Beach … quite a hangout. Memories!!


  5. Turn it up!!!!.
    RIP Hughie Thomasson and Billy Powell.


  6. Best Tuesday post ever! Lead singer chewing gum, drummer half naked, but they ‘class it up’ with strings. Gotta love Lynyrd Skynyrd.


  7. I’m staying out of this one!


  8. David, You sound as if you are cold. I grumble about the heat of Arizona, but right now, I’m pretty happy to have a lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s.


  9. Volume up high and memories far warmer than the temperature suggests.


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