There IS a Santa

Or at this link: CBS: The Secret Santa


  1. I couldn’t view friom your link but found it direct on youtube. This made me cry. Amazing how such a small gesture of kindness can bring such great joy….and hope. Wonderful. And of course there’s a Santa!


  2. Oh David, we have to do something about these videos that just dissolve me.


  3. That is so sweet and touching.


  4. Alex Jones says:

    Gifts given out of obligation lose their impact, so random or well meaning gifts have a certain magic about them.


  5. There are so many people out there who ‘can’ do this, but only the very special few who do. Love to see this….thank you.


  6. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    This one brought tears…what a wonderful, uplifting story. Thanks, Dave.


  7. Tissues, where are the damn tissues?! “It made me believe again.” Me, too….


  8. Yes, I knew it! I’ll bet this guy controls more than 12% of his own happiness! Such a beautiful thing–the faces were priceless.


  9. A man who has it all figured out…that is just beautiful. 🙂


  10. his heart is showing. and it is beautiful.


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