MM* Wake-Up Call: What? Have YOU looked in the mirror?



  1. somehow, each time we look in the mirror, we find ourselves a bit amazed by what looks back at us.


  2. Judging by the livid red of this boy’s cheeks, I’d say he needs moisturizer! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. After a sharp intake of breath on my part, I felt like asking him the same question. Happy Monday Dave.


  4. that woke me up!


  5. This was very funny to wake up to this morning, David. And the picture subject has a very “in” haircut as well! I am glad I began following you, opening this as the first entry in my WP Reader really made my morning …


  6. I talked about this very thing (turkey picture included) in:


  7. Oh Jeez..did ya have to? That is EXACTLY how I feel today!! Happy Monday my friend!


  8. My mirror is getting a few wrinkles!


  9. Time to get a new mirror!


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