If all else fails. Resort to shame.

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July 1, 2013. First day of 2nd half of the year.

Add 200 pounds to that little puppy up there and that would be me. Head bowed in shame.  Or perhaps he’s trying to find his belly button.  In which case, I’m in huge trouble.

I hit a new low. Or a new high depending on your perspective. 30 pounds over collegiate playing weight.

Suit pants are now snug. Feeling “things” growing over my belt loop.   This discomfort plus increasing levels of humidity = a radiator that’s steamin’ and going to blow.

More in. Than out.  More in. Than out.  More in.  Than Out.

I haven’t. Exercised daily.
I don’t.     Exercise portion control.
I can’t.     Give up Ice Cream + Sweets.
I shan’t.  Give up pasta. Or bread. Or rice. Or any carbs for that matter.
I won’t.    Cut out late night snacks.

So, here we go.

Firing up attempt #3213.

Strategy: Shame oneself.

Daily posting of progress. There on your right side. (Biggest Loser Challenge).  In full public view.  And we’re using 1 decimal place. (Need all the motivation we can get.)

It’s come to this.

Let’s get ‘er going….

Image Source: Thank you Mme Scherzo


  1. Awwww, pal, listen. That puppy is downright adorable, and I *did* notice the decimal point–“David Kanigan is NOT a rigorous man,” said no one ever.

    But…..instead of resorting to the shame card, I would humbly encourage you to adopt an alternative view. Do this thing out of love–for yourself. Remind yourself how many wonderful things you have to live for–Susan, Eric, Rachel–and how much longer you’ll be around to enjoy them if you get a handle on this little “struggle.” Imagine how much better/stronger/happier you’ll feel when you head out for a run minus those ten extra pounds. Visualize yourself slipping on a pair of pants and taking the belt *in* a notch to keep them from sliding down–THAT is going to be awesome. Conjure the feeling of looking in the mirror and thinking, “Doggonit, pal, YOU’VE STILL GOT IT!” YOU CAN DO THIS–of that I have no doubt. I also know the results will be more sustainable if the motivator is a positive one.

    I’m cheering for ya…. :-). L


  2. Ah, David… the way I see it is you’ve to treat each lb with respect! Have a little conversation with each one separately about coexistence and ask “do you really like the accommodation?”. Any of them who don’t, let them go! With the rest, make peace! 😉
    Happy July 1st!!


  3. Present and accounted for – I had to read this twice. And then I had to back up the truck so I could truly pile some stuff on top of Lori’s prodigious (and accurate) comments. Ok, listen up – shame yourself from now until tomorrow (in my generosity I am giving you a day of self-abasement). Then pack it up my friend. SInce when does shame get anyone anywhere except frozen in a pond of self-loathing? Don’t even THINK of dipping your toes in there. We won’t let you.
    No fasting, no hurtful self-talk. Just decide that you want to live as long as you can, hounded lovingly by your two virtual, evil stepsisters. Or more importantly, to help keep stress at bay – exercise. To keep your frustrations somewhere in the ‘high but manageable’ stage – take walk. To reward yourself – don’t deny sweets (I personally am a total sucker for them – no pun intended) – just switch ’em up every once in a while and take a pass (or have one instead of five). You know all of this pal – why am I even writing this?
    Because here’s a news flash for you – ever single damn time you self-flagellate it hurts me palpably. It hurts me because you have so much about you and your life to celebrate. Because I hear my own voice in your words. The only difference (besides gender, height, countries of birth, siblings, etc) is that when you provide me with a ‘full stop’ – I listen.
    Soooooo – you want to lose some weight? Ok – go ahead. But don’t even try to do it on the ack of shame or self-disdain. Nope – you can’t do that. Full stop.


  4. I meant “”on the ‘back of shame” – my bad.


  5. ophelia says:

    I’m not getting paid for this, honest, but I know some people doing this http://thefastdiet.co.uk/the-fast-diet-quickly/ and it seems to be working pretty impressively. It doesn’t set exercise requirements (although obviously we all should) and you only need to restrict on two days per week – though in a rather heroic way (some people like that!). The original doco is worth watching anyway, if you haven’t seen it, here free: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvdbtt_eat-fast-live-longer-hd_shortfilms#.UdFR8T51Ry8 – I wouldn’t usually suggest a particular plan like this, but it’s pretty simple to try and it seems to suit some people. I’m bracing myself to try it post breast-feeding, for its other health benefits. Although it’s become a bit faddish, there is some real science there. And of course you needn’t be shamed puppy because we always do the best we can at any given moment – and you’ve been inspiring us all with your honesty! Shamed puppies don’t inspire, they just look jolly sweet.


  6. Alex Jones says:

    Good luck, if all else fails you can become a sumo wrestler.


  7. Aaaaw………..big hugs to that little pup and not so little you, David. 🙂


  8. Dude, I strongly disagree. Shaming doesn’t work. Explore self compassion…


  9. Sounds like you’re pretty normal, David. When we get to a certain age, everything about weight control suddenly becomes a chore. You are at least aware of the pounds collecting. That’s why you’ll keep on fighting it. But we do have to get some enjoyment out of life too, so it becomes quite a balancing act. I like Mimi’s advice. Had to chuckle at Alex’s comment.


  10. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    More out. Than in. More out. Than in. More out. Than in.


  11. Oh, David, do this because everyone in your life will feel better (because you will be healthier)…even THOUGH if you do it, I will miss your hilarious posts about such things. I was just talking to someone a couple of days ago about how so many people treat their pets and even their cars with better care than they treat their own bodies. We know that it is dangerous for our pets to be overweight, so we feed them what they need to stay healthy. I tell my kids that they need to live in those bodies for all the rest of their lives. They can’t trade them in for something newer or something that is working better…so they need to take the best care possible of them. With everything that you put into your body, think of how it will help you to feel and be healthier, and to live a long life with fewer problems. Trust me, if you can think of things differently and do them differently, you will be happier and feel so much better. And don’t do it out of shame…do it because you know it is the best thing to do. Good luck my friend.


    • Wow. Incredible discipline and perspective you have Carol. I need just a wee bit of that. 🙂


      • Well…my friend is battling cancer, and he is changing all parts of what life he has left. We should all be doing all that we can NOW…in the hope that it just might help later on. It’s all about changing the way that you think about everything that you put into your body. Take care of yourself David. Treat your body well.


  12. Is this one of your new years resolution to lose weight? Tsk Tsk Tsk.


  13. Surely there is a better way than shame, David? (I motivate myself by planning a trip to the beach – which requires wearing as swimsuit – every 6 months!) Wishing you an inspired motivation. Good luck losing the handles!


  14. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    I know you can do it, Dave. I have great confidence in your ability to meet your goal but …. don’t give up the foods you love. That takes some of the joy out of life and makes it tougher to stay the course. Maybe eating smaller portions of your favorites will work or, if that’s not a good option, give yourself one day off a week to eat what you want. I have a very good friend that successfully used the “one day off a week” plan and kept the weight off. Good luck!


  15. Controlling my weight has been a life-long battle. I love (and won’t give up chocolate) so I sympathize. Good luck.


  16. I can hear Brene’ Brown screaming, “no shame, no shame!!” You probably know who Jeff Galloway is (because you are a runner, after all). His mantra during marathons is “one more mile!” It is a simple way to get a grasp on the distance. So, maybe “one more pound!” can be yours. It is so much simpler to lose 1 pound than 30. Hang in there–you can do it!!


  17. This dialogue is so much fun. David – forget everyone commenting here with their reasonable and intelligent advice. Shame away and post your results for us all to see. I think you will find it is not shame, but a strong declaration to your community of support. Damn, I do not want to sound reasonable too … shame, shame away!

    BTW … my weight is pushing 210 too and yes, I want the scale to not break 200. Pave the path for me.
    – Michael


    • Thanks Goodness. A man shows up to pull me out of the fire. Thank you for the support and your rational thought process Michael. I’m working on paving the path. Hopefully, it’s not the road to perdition. Stay tuned…:)


  18. Oh, that shame motivation is short-lived at best. Just pick one of those things on your List of Shame and make a change.


  19. Well David, I think Mimi said it all…no use for me to try to add to it. Just do it!


  20. I have a potbelly. Not sure I’m waiting to give it up. So many good foods out there & I’m such a piggy. But – we do really need to find a way to be nice to our bodies. I tried exercise & we are on an on & off relationship. Maybe one day soon – we will learn to love each other more 😉
    Good luck to you (& me too)!


    • “I have a potbelly.” Love the authenticity. That’s what Eric (son) says I have…and I HATE it. (I’m not big on the nice part RoSy). Good luck to you (and me)…


  21. lkanigan says:

    Bro, your not the titanic! It’s only 10lbs…piece of cake. Mmmmmm cake. Oops sorry!


  22. kmabarrett says:

    Best of luck! Shamee and public humiliation have never worked for me… Just sayin’. Just keep trying.


  23. This is for you,

    “Remember, the way you treat yourself sets the standard for others, and the world at large, to follow. Above everyone else, YOU deserve YOUR respect. So make sure your decisions, behaviors and actions reflect your self-respect as you carry out your plans.”

    Even though I am too late but I hope the above post has become a past memory. Now write something good about yourself and KINDLY share 🙂


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