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This short trailer opens with a quote by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

“…And till my ghastly tale is told, this heart within me burns.”

It’s set in Midway Atoll, North Pacific Ocean, more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent.

The images are burned into my consciousness.

Those that follow this blog, know about birds and me.  No more words required.  Take a few minutes and watch.  See what we’re doing to our planet.

Thank you Olga for sharing.


  1. OMG, David, this really makes my blood run cold. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to ‘like’ this, as it just seems inherently wrong, but I am grateful to have it brought to my attention. *2,000 miles* from the nearest continent. A friggin’ *flip flop* for goodness sake. Ack! I know that, as a society, many of our actions are causing grievous harm to our planet, but my God, does this ever bring it home! You’re right, “burned into the consciousness” indeed. Man….Will keep an eye out for this film, though I must say with a 4 min. clip being tough to watch, I don’t know how I’d feel after an hour or more….


  2. I know, I’ve seen that video before and it just plain hurts…an agonizing, painful hurt. Why can we not learn to live in harmony with our fellow creatures on this planet? Why must we cause so much pain and destruction? It makes my heart sad.


  3. I’ve also seen it before and almost couldn’t make myself watch it again. I’m aware of every plastic bag I use but it isn’t just the bags. There’s so much plastic everywhere. What’s the solution?


  4. sad reality…. I will post this in the future David.


  5. WLS – it is too painful. Too hard. I know the truth sometimes is. This is one of those times.


  6. Very powerful message….very difficult to watch.


  7. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    I’m there, totally..


  8. There are no words. I wonder each and every day how much it will take for us to change and evolve, as a species.


  9. Natalie says:

    Have seen this one before and couldn’t watch it again. Our oceans are slowly dying… just read the following this morning… not a great start to my day!?? http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/06/07/tech-jellyfish-bloom-quirks.html



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