Dinner? Mexican please…

Mexican Cuisine from Fran Guijarro on Vimeo.

…and when trying their recipes
one is left with an unforgettable taste
of humility,
and pride…

Yes, that’s it.  Exactly what I taste when eating Mexican food.


  1. It is, hands down, my favorite type of food!


  2. I’m grateful this is a post I can safely comment upon…thanks David. Except that I want to say “such PASSION in that voice”…whoever it is…and I’m sure that in itself can be misconstrued. Anyway, yes, such a passionate voice describing a love for the creation of food. It’s a perfectly appealing video…but innocent! Yes, appealing and innocent. 🙂


  3. The only thing they forgot was the Corona. That would make it perfect.


  4. Lkanigan says:

    Hard to beat authentic Mexican food.


  5. As a vegan, I find the most variety and satisfaction in Mexican cuisine. The “humility, achievement and pride” nourish the rest of me.


  6. There is a far stronger message in this video than just promoting Mexican food. This is brilliant.

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