What did Dad pack you for lunch?

David Laferriere, a graphic designer and illustrator from Massachusetts, has been drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags with a Sharpie marker for more than five years.  1111 bags and counting.  “I’ve been doing it for my kids since they were little…They love it, and nothing makes me happier than hearing their reaction at the end of the day…I used to work nights at a newspaper, and I’d be up early in the morning making my kids sandwiches,” LaFerriere, a graphic designer at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, told Mashable. “I started drawing on the baggies, sort of as a way to channel my creative juices in the morning, and it just ended up sticking.”  His kids, Evan, 16, and Kenny, 14, were both in elementary school when it started. Now that they’re older, LaFerriere said, they and their friends still look forward to the drawings every day.  I’d like to keep doing this for as long as possible. Of course, things will change once they go to college — but I can still send illustrated care packages,” he said.  See Flickr blog for the video.  See Laferriere’s Flickr photostream for all of his illustrations.  Cool!

sandwich bag art, cookie, monster,sandwich bag art, illustration

Sources: blog.ficker.net and Mashable.com,


  1. Love this!! My dad used to leave me notes in different colored pens and markers, but this guy takes the cake!! Or the sandwich bag.


  2. This is beyond cool! I don’t have kids, but I hide little notes all around throughout my hubby’s luggage when he travels. 🙂


  3. A+ from me! Very cool.


  4. I love that. I didn’t do anything like that at all for my kids, but when my daughter was in daycare and about three years old (and too many years ago!)…she would cry every morning when I left…until I started drawing a little dog at her table every morning. I had to make sure we were there in time for me to draw the same little dog doing something different every day…and then she wouldn’t cry. And then I wouldn’t cry either because she wouldn’t cry. I did that day after day after day. It was when I was working at UC Berkeley and she was going to a daycare center there. She still remembers that…and that wonderful man’s kids will REALLY remember what he did, which is amazing, on their sandwich bags. Sweet love! 🙂


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    What fun! What a boring lunch-packer I’ve been … think of the possibilities I missed! I just couldn’t wait to train them to make their own lunches so I wouldn’t have to anymore…


  6. I’d be kinda scared to eat the first one!


  7. Fun!


  8. I’m with Darlene. Not sure I’d want to eat the first one. But the alternative is a bird sandwich.


  9. I love the comments about parents, or spouse, doing something similar like my sandwich bags. You are all awesome. Thanks for the sandwich bag love!


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