Sunday Morning: They are the last

Leonardo Da Costa is a lighthouse keeper stationed in Cabo Polonio, a remote cape in a stretch of Uruguayan coastline rich in shipwrecks and sunken treasures.  Cabo Polonio’s light has been guiding ships since 1881, and Da Costa is the latest in a long line of watchmen who have operated the tower with care and attention. He leads an unassuming life, the tranquility of the almost intact landscape keeping him company. Serenity and silence merge with the daily tasks and chores he carries out. Da Costa represents a rare profession that still survives in a few countries. Take some time to appreciate a gentle and enlightening way of life, for once it is gone, it will be missed.

Good Sunday Morning…

They Are The Last from Kauri Multimedia on Vimeo. *Music by Volt Heist:

Source: Explore


  1. It takes a special kind of person to live this solitary life. Makes me think of the gentleman you posted about who loves out in the Western wilderness. I’m sure the rewards are many if you’re the type of temperament who’s suited for this life. Takes all types to make the world go round, right?….


  2. David, wonderful piece. There are few jobs left that looked like they did a century and half ago. Hopefully the world will recognize that technology is just a tool and one that will not replace individuals like Leonardo. Many lighthouses now are technology driven, without a keeper. Thanks again for sharing this. Bill


  3. I honestly never really gave much thought to the upkeep of these beautiful structures……until now. Thanks for a great Sunday post.


  4. A great part of history and I hope its around for another 130 years.


  5. Such a lonely life.


  6. Amazing video..


  7. It’s a real shame that they’re doing away with the human element in these lighthouses. Technology can’t do everything a human can and for the safety of the boats out there, it’s better to have a person in the lighthouse for communication. But yes, a lonely life for them. There are people who like that though. Great place to be if you want peace and quiet to write a book.


  8. He surely deserves appreciation in fact more than that. I never knew this before and now that I have come to know about it, it makes me think about life that we are living now.


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