Thought Moments

Words, questions, music, thoughts. All in a hypnotic cadence. Making it hard to step away.

Source: Thank you Whiskey River


  1. mesmerising …


  2. Funny, I couldn’t stop watching either….waiting for the answers……very good. I found the music set the mood – almost participating in the conversation.


  3. Totally hypnotic…and now I’m in Apple therapy with my Mac, so I will have to play this again when I get home. Even the Apple therapist was mesmerized (his name is John and he’s laughing while I write this)..


  4. Very engaging. I think the vignettes that moved me the most were when the interviewer asked whether the person was happy or sad, and some really struggled to decide how to answer, especially that first young man. Made me want to cry, ’cause I knew the answer before he did–his whole visage emanated sadness to me…. Anyhoo, interesting and provocative share as the year draws to a close. Thx David!


  5. Had to keep watching…wanted to hear the answers.


  6. I loved when the film slowed down—or was that just my player being slow? I hope it was deliberate, because it seemed to add to the Thought Moment—as if the person’s brain was really chewing through the thoughts conjured by the question. So interesting.


  7. Difficult questions, some of them. Very interesting answers, especially to “What do you hate most?”



  1. […] to the questions posed in a video that Dave @ Lead.Learn.Live posted a few days ago titled, “Thought Moments.” I thought it would be interesting to explore and answer the questions for myself. […]


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