Sunday Morning: Samare

Samare from Troshinsky on Vimeo.

Samare” is a 1 minute short film. It is a stop-motion short film that uses the flipbook illusion. Let’s me just call it magic artistry.

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  1. Amazing! I can only imagine the hours of work this represents!


  2. The creativity people have truly amazes me!


  3. The simplicity of the music helps deceive me into thinking such animation is easy. And yet, I loved the creative conversation that these two people were having on the wind – as if it all were as simple as taking turns when the wind blows your way.


  4. Wow! So much talent! I can’t even begin to imagine the time it took to create! I love the give and take (blow by blow) as it were ending in the candle..ahhh so romantic. 🙂


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  6. This was just too beautiful David! I had to share it! Hope you don’t mind


  7. jannelangelica says:

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    Lovelove!! ❤


  8. The music is lovely but the things these “lovers” blow back and forth to each other are not my idea of romantic. Crows? Flies? Spiders?!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! Best part of it was to shut off the light and …whatever…;-)


  9. Gorgeous, and I love to imagine the creative process behind this!


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