Be jaded and sneery and think the world is a razor blade of anger and pain…

Here’s a tasty morsel of a terrific post and share by Kamela Dolinova.  I encourage you to click through to the post titled: The Secret To Happiness is Right Here.  What a great way to start a day…

Be cynical if you want. Be jaded and sneery and think the world is a razor blade of anger and pain, just waiting to slash you across the heart. This is your choice.

But the fact is, a thousand things go right for you every day. From the moment you wake up, the universe aligns in countless miraculous ways to make your life happen fluidly, effortlessly, incredibly. Your heart is working, your systems function, you do not instantly collapse, lose a limb or spontaneously combust. Amazing.

The car starts. The elevator works. Your legs transport you rather beautifully, hither and yon. The coffee is hot. The food placed before you is all kinds of stunning in how it connects you to the world. There’s sunlight. Your eyes receive that light and create everything in existence. Also, trees! Nice.

Art: “Floral Ensemble” by Ivan Rabuzin via Anake Goodall

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    Aristotles Golden Mean comes into play when dealing with how the cosmos works, which is the middle way to appreciate the cosmos is both beautiful and dangerous.


  2. Did you ever read Candide? It is all for the best in the best of all possible worlds…:-)


  3. What a perfect piece of artwork to accompany your post this morning.


  4. How easy it is to forget what we have. I was once facilitating a therapy group at a psychiatric hospital. The topic of the day was gratitude. Three group members could not find one thing to be thankful for. They had gotten so depressed that they could no longer see life’s blessings. Finally, the man sitting in the wheelchair to my left, began to share. He said, “I am grateful that I still have one leg.” At that point, others that had been unable to identify anything good in their lives began to share. ” I have two eyes and can see.” “I still have both of my legs.” “I ate breakfast this morning.” How easy it is to take significant things for granted. If we wake up blind tomorrow, we will stop and wonder why we did not appreciate our eye sight today. Great post, David.


  5. It’s all about having a positive attitude.


  6. What a great reminder for me on this Tuesday morning. Yesterday was a bit tough for me and this morning is a slow start. Now my perspective will be positive for the rest of the day. Thanks for making my day a better one. I enjoy reading your blog so much.


  7. Spontaneous human combustion has been a curiosity of mine.



  8. I believe that way with all my heart. Thanks for the reminder!


  9. Reblogged this on My Perspective and commented:
    Thanks for finding this…


  10. Great post! Especially the painting, as nature lives this way, no matter what..


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