The Thought-Patterns of Success…

“Elizabeth Grace Saunders is a time management life coach who empowers clients around the world to go from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and guilty to accomplishing more with peace and confidence.”  Her post in the HBR Blog Network titled The Thought-Patterns of Success is terrific.  I’ve shared a few nuggets below that resonated with me…

Harmful Thoughts Helpful Thoughts
I am important and of value because of what I achieve, produce or have. Therefore if I stop achieving, producing or having, my life no longer has value, meaning or purpose. I am of value because of who I am, not what I do. I am a unique individual whose life has a special purpose regardless of what I earn, accomplish or own.
I am only as good as my last _____________. If I stop or rest or don’t perform to the same or better level in the future, I will lose everything. Every life experience offers an opportunity for growth. Each day, I can do my best, correct my mistakes, and learn for the next time I meet a similar challenge. My past provides a secure foundation for my future.
I can only rest without guilt once all the work is done. If I stop any sooner, I am lazy, selfish and irresponsible. There will always be more work to do. By choosing to rest at reasonable intervals, I increase my productivity, accomplish more, enjoy life and stop feeling resentful toward others who take breaks.
I feel in control at work because certain actions predictably produce specific results. It’s too much of a risk to venture into areas where I don’t always know what to do, and I can’t count on other people’s response to my actions. I can choose to stay in a place of security and isolation, or I can choose to open my life up to others. I may experience some loss of control, but ultimately I create the possibility of great joy in true relationship with others.

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Image Source: Oil Point By Rose via ArtProfilesWorld


  1. Wow – the second and third touched me to the core – and this is after I’ve officially retired! I think these are choruses that play relentlessly in our heads and substituting them with the far healthier alternative, changes our approach to work, life and ultimately ourselves. The picture reminds me of the British actor who played King Henry on a recent PBS series (Jonathan Rhys? Not sure) – but his intense gaze suggests he’s feeling a little pressure too..:-)


  2. Great post David!!


  3. Love the image. Somewhat haunting. Guilty of # 3.


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