Some days…

There are some days…like today…I get up…I don’t seem have it.  Get up late.  Post late.  Tank seems to lack fuel.  Have a full day.  Need to move from stuck to forward.  Need to battle through this…





So, time to shift the dials…

I ask myself – I am really “spent” or “do I just think I’m spent”? (Mind is working now)






And Big Boy and Little Girl make me smile. (Can feel mood changing)













Clock is ticking.  I need one quick final jolt.  A bit of corny kick-in-the-you-know-what:





Time to go.  Let’s go…


Sources:a-n-i-m-a-l-p-l-a-n-e-t; call-him-joshua via mayhapsibly


  1. Lighting up now! Thank you!


  2. Sometimes it is your mind, and sometimes you are just tired. Either way, you still have to go to work. Have a great day. Love the picture of the dog and the baby!


  3. It is at these time that we truly discover what it is we love and cherish in life.


  4. I’ve actually been experiencing “energy at low ebb” for a good portion of this week. Doesn’t happen often, so I try to pay Attention and honor my body when it does. Took a day off from working out yesterday and woke up feeling ready to rock this morning. Oftentimes it *is* a mind game, but I think that sometimes ya just need to acquiesce and say, “OK, today I am a bit more mellow.” At any rate, loved the post and that photo of the dog and baby is the best! As always, David, thx for framing things up so beautifully.


  5. I know how that insect feels. Been there, but survived.


  6. Excellent post! Just what I needed today too.
    Thanks, Jackie


  7. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Have you put yourself on an artificial deadline to post at a particular time each day? There’s a handy Schedule feature – I write many posts ahead of time then just schedule them for the next day or 2 or 3.


    • Not artificial LaDona. A real one (deadline). Yes, I’m aware of scheduling. Prefer to produce real time and launch. Sort of like work-outs. Just got to get at it. 🙂 Thanks…


  8. Excellent post! Thanks for the lift.


  9. Wow, that IS a big boy!


  10. you do have positive thinking. Tks for your sharing so far. all are help!


  11. Photo of dog and baby made me smile.


  12. On fire we are with the memory of those beloved faces at home as we step out boldly into the day!



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