To Do…

Source: Swiss-MissTo Do, a new print by Wendy MacNaughton.


  1. Sad, but oh so true….


  2. lkanigan says:

    Lol…those circles are me. Have a bunch of list for different things and they are on different sizes of paper with different colors. Crazy part is I redo do them every few days. What a brutal system.


  3. This is def me today!


  4. That’s me every day! I remember all the circles of Stephen Covey….you know, the circle of concern, the circle of control, the circle of influence. I think I now dwell very cozy in the circle of over-thinking…..


  5. Great visual David. I have known Rita Emmett for years. She is the author of The Procrastinator’s Handbook. That is what those circles remind me of – PROCRASTINATION.


  6. This completely decribes me!



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