Personal Behavior Pattern Observed: 

Major deliverable assigned.  Have several weeks advance notice.  Weeks click down.  Put off preparation. Then half-heartedly start framing work. Set it aside.  Get distracted.  Deliverable constantly looming, hanging, distracting, irritating and making me irritable.  Sleepless nights.  Clock ticking down.  Tell myself I’ll get to it during the weekend. (Right)  Weekend comes and goes.  Monday arrives.  1.5 days to go.  Scrambling now. Can feel heart pumping.  Grinding teeth. Anxiety screaming.  Finish.  Deliver request.  Passed without giving blood…yet internal organs are still rattling.  

Post Game Review: C+ (Gracious self assessment.) 

Behavior of Colleague Observed:

Preparation commences weeks in advance.  Back to back meetings scheduled.  Full team engaged.  Countless hours of preparation.  Brainstorming.  Discussions. Planning.  Drafts.  Work.  Re-work.  Ideas and issues are socialized with key constituents and decision makers attending meeting.  Project rehearsed.  Project presentation flawless.  No surprises.  Senior management feedback: Rally Hats On!  “Wow.”

Post Game Review: A+ (Priceless)


  1. Maybe the lesson is that the first participant really doesn’t have his or her heart in this, and maybe needs to rethink the current path he or she is on. It’s been my experience that when I procrastinate, it’s for a reason.


  2. Excellent post. It reminds me of M. Scott Peck’s observation in “The Road Less Traveled” that delayed gratification–doing the unpleasant thing first to enhance the pleasure of the pleasant–is the only decent way to live.


    • Embarrassed to say that I haven’t read anything by M. Scott Peck, but I’m certain honored to have my post mentioned in the same break as him. Love the observation. Now only to get down to it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christian.


  3. Sounds to me like the approach when working independently is far different than it is when working as part of a team. I can relate to both – I am not nearly as organized and effective when I’m working alone – on the contrary, I can put more pressure on myself working like a dervish until the last minute than anyone I’ve ever met! Yet, when working with others, I would never impose such insanity upon them. Great post as always


    • Hmmmmm. Unfortunately I neglected to include teams were involved in both scenarios. And my failure to leverage the team early enough has additional consequences on the team (stress, pressure, inefficiencies). Interesting how I forward to mention the impact on my team. Grist for another post. Thanks for sharing Mimi…


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  5. karen Sokota says:

    This goes on my bulletin board next to my Nike “Just do it” ad..


  6. Sa, but true!


  7. David, I agree. It all goes back to the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared! This is so important for our personal well-being, our health, and our success in anything. Thank you for sharing more wisdom.


  8. Reading this gave me flashbacks from college…thinking your talking about me!
    The amount of preparation put into anything determines the quality of the outcome. Can never be to prepared!


  9. Sounds like when I enter a art contest and the deadline approaches. The idea for a painting was there when I entered and it continues to evolve until the pressure builds to the point where action is the only relief. Most artist finish just before the deadline rather than early in the call. it’s not because they are putting it off; it’s because creative projects take time, hard work, and courage to exicute.


    • Really? I didn’t know that most artists finish just before deadline. Interesting. Figured they needed much more runway to produce their inspirations!


      • You can always keep working on the same piece and never finish but most artist reach a point where they say done! especially if they want to reach someone other than themselves with their work..


  10. Wonderful example to us all to drain off that anxiety and get going UPWARDS toward the goal! Early morning exercise helps me a LOT with this!


  11. Sounds like life to me, great post.


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