Sitting is killing you…

Sitting is Killing You
Source: Unknown


  1. A bit more precisely: “Sitting idle kills you” If you do an interesting and
    challenging work and your brain needs lot of blood – sitting bis healthy
    if you also are doing exercise moving…Laziness degrades and kills
    not sitting per se
    Scary fairy tale for grown ups. I will write about this subject in my
    blog Ego Out I am 74+ and sitting 9 hours daily at my PC and still alive.
    It is necessary to learn WHY and HOW to sit and WHY NOT sit
    Congrats for your fine blog- except this paper


  2. Yikes. As I sit here, sick to my stomach from some unknown source I can’t help but laugh about my posture. To top it all off I skipped my workout today because I’m sick and now I’m stuck at the desk. What a wakeup call thanks for posting this information. Just what I needed.
    The Mormon Soldier


  3. Yep – I knew that, but scary to read as I sit her in the 10th hour of work


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