Wednesday for Women…

HBR Blog Network: Confidence is a Numbers Game
“Here’s where I think women get it wrong: we are perpetually rounding down, where, by all rules of mathematics, we should be rounding up. And that slight miscalculation has huge repercussions in our professional lives.”

Forbes: I am Woman, Hear Me Network
Women’s networking moves faster than a speeding bullet and with greater force and effect than a rocket to the moon. Put a networking woman into any room, anywhere, any time, and before you know it, opportunities for work, service, assistance, employment, investment, and a new cleaning service blossom like seeds do in time-lapse photography.”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: The Perfect Husband
He cooks, cleans – and lets his wife climb the corporate ladder.  Inside the sacrifices, resentments, and sometime-bliss of the modern marriage.

Forbes: The 10 Most Common Fitness Myths.
Exercise can erase my bad eating habits. This one is pervasive and unfortunately a myth. “You can’t out-exercise a crappy diet,” Wiedenbach says. “Your eating has to be in check. About 80% of what you look like is based on diet.” It’s a calorie game, and he says people often overestimate the amount of food they burn in an hour-long session. He suggests sitting down, doing the math, and figuring out your weight-loss goals.

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