Try this for 2012…

Source: NY Times


  1. That Oddly Looks Like The Plan Of Attack I Drew Up For An ULTRA-INTENSE Paintball-Capture-The-Flag Match.
    It Seemed Perfectly Logical To Me.
    I Know I DID It The Way I Mapped It Out…
    …But Everyone Else Got Popped In The First 3-Minutes.
    I Did Get The Flag!!!
    I Sacrificed My WHOLE TEAM, and We WON.
    They Were ALL Pissed At Me…
    …Until They Saw The Other Team’s Flag in My Pocket.
    Then I Got My Pat-On-The-But, was told “Good Game” by All…
    …And Was NEVER Invited Back HAHAHAHAHA
    It Taught Me A Great Lesson, Tho.
    ALWAYS Make Up Your OWN Attack Strategy…
    …and then just convince others they know what they’re doing.
    How’s it go… OH, RIGHT… “60% Of The Time, It Works EVERY TIME!”

    L8r, Dude!


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