Leaders: Recognize that everyone on your team is waging a great battle inside…

I’m a big fan of Art Petty and his Management Excellence blog.   He had another great post last week on the importance of a leader’s Attitude that certainly resonated with me in the grueling times we live in.  Art nails it:

  • Of the many things we can’t control in life and business, attitude is the one we have 100 percent power over, every single day. The best leaders know this, and they work to prepare theirs before walking through the door or engaging in the workplace.
  • Manage your framing! Frame problems and setbacks, as opportunities, just like the leader described above.  Problems are raw material for organizational heroes.
  • Reset every morning on your primary purpose. Walk in the door looking for opportunities to help your team members. Today.
  • Stifle your inner critic and teach your team members to be doers, not critics. The world has more than enough critics, and they are generally value destroyers.
  • Recognize that everyone is waging a great battle inside. The anger in their voices or the frustration on display is likely the result of an untold number of issues. Instead of responding in kind, respond with empathy. Ask questions, seek clarity on true needs and then propose solutions.
  • Recognize that treating others with kindness, respect and empathy is not a sign of weakness. To the contrary, those qualities display inner strength and the ever-important emotional intelligence.  When your approach is met with abusive behavior, fight back from the position of right and strength.

Source: Art Petty, Management Excellence – It’s All In Your Attitude

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