It’s that time again…

Time for guaranteed smile…Tugger is an 8-month labrador puppy. Here’s Tugger vs. Doorstop.  Don’t you just want to give this little guy a hug?!

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  1. I am completely in love…

    • Me too! Don’t you just LOVE how he bounces back. Like he’s shocked by the door stop (in a most friendly way)

      • I love how he reacts when the doorstop ‘boiiings’ that face, that moment of complete befuddlement before pouncing and retreating – doing his own ‘boiiing’ thing. And his little face which looks so intently at the darn thing. And you just know this little guy would be a hoot to have around and snuggle with too. I bet he does really fantastic puppy kisses.

      • Yes, ton of character here…

  2. :-) :-) :-)

  3. That is SO adorable! :)

  4. Way too cute.. there should be a law, David…
    A law to make everybody watch this video at least once…
    What a world of smiling people there would be… gorgeous…. :)

  5. I love the “stalk, growl and pounce.”. Sooooo ferocious! Ohhhh, I could just take a bite out of this little guy! And you know he has a little tummy like tissue paper–all warm and soft and round. Cute, cute, cute… :-)

  6. The funny thing is….he will grow up to to be a 80lb “puppy” that does the same thing….and tear that door stop of the wall and chew on it for hours…..reblogged, with election day commentary at

  7. Adorable!

  8. Cutest puppy I’ve seen in a while! Love how he entertains himself.

  9. ADORABLE. I want him!


  10. thanks for the cute puppy this morning!

  11. The joy of being a puppy :-)

  12. Definitely likable & huggable. If they only stayed liked that.

  13. What a beautiful, cute, funny puppy…thanks David! Good thing I don’t have him in my house…I wouldn’t get a thing done. I’d be watching him and playing with him all day long. Very cute!

  14. SQUEEEEEEEEE! I’m in love.

  15. My daughter just walked by as I was watching this. Stunned that I’m watching a puppy video on youtube. See – I don’t hate all dogs. I just don’t want any living in my house.

  16. I was laughing so loudly at this, that my labrador (who’s meant to be an adult) starting bouncing off me and treating my right arm like that door stop :-)

  17. Awwwwwww.

  18. Adorable – thanks for the smiles, puppy!

  19. Hi David. Very nice video to share with us . Thanks ,you made me laugh. He is so cute, really want to hug him.

  20. You are blessed…Tugger is adorable! Thank you for sharing ~ Happiness is a warm puppy!

  21. Oh dear, you always make my day with your beautiful and amazing sharing. I loved this lovely one… millions kisses and hugs. Thank you, love, nia

  22. Reblogged this on photographyofnia and commented:
    I can die for this one :)

  23. I could just eat that dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok, i ‘ll restraint myself now…)


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