There’s only one lady I dance with…

And given that I don’t dance, this is saying something.  (I watched Dancing With The Stars last night so dancing is on the mind.)  I’ve tried them all.  Safari.  Firebox. Internet Explorer.  And others.  The Google Chrome Browser is simply in a league of its own.  Nothing comes close.  Here’s a quick review of why it works for me and why you might find it helpful as a blogger, writer or a PC/Mac desktop/laptop user:

Syncing.  It follows me where ever I go.  I log in on any computer and bang!  There are all my tabs, extensions and folders.  It’s like I never leave my favorite cozy couch and comforter.  It syncs across all computers.  I have immediate access to all of my tabs and extensions from any machine.  I can get started immediately without interruption.

Tabs: Tabs are Tabtastic as a PC Magazine’s review describes them.  I can set frequently-used tabs that I can click to access sites immediately.  I can park less frequently used sites into folders.  All easy to set up and access.

Extensions.  These are BIG.  I use them often.  You can hang free productivity apps from the browser (and they follow me on all machines).  There is a simple download process from the Google WebStore.  There are hundreds of apps.  My favorite 1-click extensions are the Evernote clipper (stores articles, jot notes, clip articles for sharing); Diigo (for quick bookmarking and highlighting); 1Password (password setting, storage and auto login – because who can remember all of their passwords? This works great);  Addthis (for sharing via email, twitter, tumblr, facebook and many others);  Chrome Notepad (handy, simple note taking app that I use all the time) and Readability (save articles to read later online or offline and syncs to Ipads and Iphones.  Works beautifully.)

Google’s Default Search Engine: Type anything and it is taking you to the promised land.  I find it helps me in my hunt quicker than other search engines.

Mac vs. PC.  It works beautifully on both.

3 S’s.  Speed, stability and security.

Clean Interface.  Love the clean, minimalist look and feel that doesn’t crowd out web pages.

Ease of Use:  I don’t need a PhD to figure it out.  The set-up and download is painless.  Setting tabs, creating folders, adding extensions – are all a snap.

Cost:  It’s all free.

If you don’t use Google Chrome (and its handy dandy extensions), I would urge you to give it a try.  If you do use Chrome and have found cool extensions that are productivity enhancers, I’m always on the look-out for more.  Let me know.

Disclosure: I don’t work for Google.  I don’t get paid by Google or anyone else for this review. (I can only wish.)

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  1. I have Google chrome and haven’t tried dancing with it at all. I’m embarrassed because clearly there’s some cool steps to be done. I just hesitate to get out on the dance floor
    ’cause when it comes to technology I truly have two left…fingers..well..never mind.


  2. Yes yes yes I agree with you. Have an Android phone and it syncs with that. Works for me!


  3. i’m with you 100% David. i adopted it after taking the advice of my then 12 year old son and he was so right! as you say, clean, crisp and and oh so fast. i’m now off to check out Chrome Notepad 😉 yours geekily …


    • Cool. I also find the simplest apps (like Chrome Notepad) work the best. I have 10-15 extensions going and usually revert back to the same simple ones that work. Good luck with it Anake.


  4. I, too, am a believer! Have been with Chrome for quite a while now, and love it. The speed is incredible, and as you say, it’s very user friendly. I am not, however, conversant with the apps–clearly that must change. Thx for the tips, David! C’mon in, Mimi, the water’s fine!! 🙂


  5. Oh boy! I have Google Chrome and I’m afraid I haven’t learned the dance. I too dance with two left feet. I think I’m a wall flower in this area. I really didn’t know so much was out there on the dance floor. I need to get my grandchildren to teach me this new dance. Thanks David for leading me out on the floor.


  6. Time to get out on the dance floor again. I just hate learning new things because I’m not as computer savvy as the rest of my family. Need to learn a few more steps.


  7. Smart man…


  8. Alex Jones says:

    I am a hardcore Firefox fan myself, I have an innate mistrust of Google so won’t use its browser as my default however great the reviews claim to be.


  9. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    On Chrome but clearly am not taking full advantage of it. Good thing I have absolutely nothing else to do all day – I fear I may end up spending yet more time online. Again.


  10. Chrome is my favorite (and only) dance partner too! 🙂


  11. LOVE google Chrome! I am so glad i am not the only one who thinks about writing these kind of posts!!!! 😛


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