Must-see TV.  A retired salesman from Los Angeles shares a special bond with a Gray Toulouse goose named Maria.  Thank you Another Day in Paradise for the share.  Wonderful clip for a Sunday morning.

Source: Thank you Another Day in Paradise


      1. Not being an American, David, I had to go a’googling. Youtube had a video of Charles Kuralt’s final Sunday Morning Program. On it was featured the flight of the Snow Goose. The video was very touching; particularly toward the end; a man overcome with loss. The ‘On the Road’ stories must have been very heart warming….


      2. I haven’t seen that segment on the Snow Goose, but Sunday Morning is something special. It has that pulse slowing, peaceful feeling. Not sure how they’ve managed to retain that feeling all these years, but they have. I will check out the Snow Goose. Thanks for pointing me to it.


    1. Sounds like this clip made its rounds and it was the first time I’ve seen it. Glad that I did. It is one of those stories that you would keep coming back to. Makes me wonder – are that together again today?


      1. I actually looked to see if they’re still together, since the park’s construction and relocation of the animals… And Maria’s in the children’s zoo! She’s uber-famous, and even has a FB page. :) And I’m SURE still visited daily by her love.


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