Yup. I’m Greek.


Here’s what I’ve found from my exhaustive google searches:*

  • Greek foot (also known as Morton’s foot) has the 2nd toe longer than all of the other toes.  Can be seen on Roman statues Tiberius, the Greek God Apollo and the Statue of Liberty.  Indicates leadership qualities. Rulers from ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties all had long second toes. You need to be in charge. (DK: Yup. Got this right. Kids, listen up.  Your old man is a near direct descendant of Apollo.  Greeks’ Rule.)
  • Germanic foot (also known as Peasant feet or Giselle feet) has at least 3 toes similar in length and tend to be short and stubby.  Stable functioning foot. Ideal for ballerinas. (DK: Wow.  Peasant and Ballerina.  Scratch your head on that one.)
  • Egyptian foot has the longest big toe with all other toes tapering down.  Described as the most functional of all of the foot structures. (DK: Figures that the pyramid-builders would get this right.)
  • Celtic Toe: Wiki** states that article references on this topic are subject to deletion as there is no scientific support or basis for these conclusions.  (DK: Bottom Line: If you have Celtic toes, you’re in deep trouble.)
  • Roman Toes: (DK: Couldn’t find any research.  Even Wiki** had a minor passing reference. So you are either alien or a yet-to-be-discovered species.)



*   Note to self: Don’t believe everything you read.
** Wiki: Source of all Truth and Knowledge.

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