Saturday Morning

Photos from this morning’s walk @ Cove Island Park.  Moon over Cove Island Park photos here. And daybreak sunrise photos here.


  1. Beautiful!

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  2. A perfect place to lie down and make wishes on the dandelions…

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  3. Sawsan says:

    LOVE this video clip.
    It feels just like the dreams one is in when halfway between awake and asleep.

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  4. Beautiful stuff Dave… Thanks!

    PS: if my (not so sharp) memory is correct, you are very close to your three year anniversary of morning walks. If you feel like it, see how many days in a row… 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Lovely, all of them! And it looks like you caught a gull yawning, lol!

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  6. I especially love the dandelions


  7. Christie says:

    Our dandelions are not the fluffy seed heads, yet… Brilliant yellow and the flowers heads are so wide…our Spring is slow -since it is so wet and cold…
    Is the glorious, Sun Rise photo, taken near where the Easter Service photos were taken?


  8. Christie says:

    Cute photo of the Gull -thanks PS I don’t use social media so I’m glad for the heads up!


  9. Beautiful, pal. The video was straight out of CBS Sunday Morning.’ ❤️



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