The tide goes on, throwing itself again and again at the shore.


  • Video from this morning’s walk at Cove Island Park. 6:00 am. 48° F, feels like 43° F. For photos from this morning’s walk, click here.
  • Post title: Madelaine Lucas, Thirst for Salt (Tin House Books, March 7, 2023)


  1. Wow – that was hypnotic!!

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  2. Love your title for this post. And thanks for the soothing start to my day.


  3. The waves seem endless.


  4. Lovely, and those morning shots —
    a study in blue!


  5. This prompted me to breathe more deeply. Thank you.


  6. The continuous waves only verify that the moon is doing its job. If not, she’d be still.


  7. Since a little child have always loved this endless play… How fortunate to have this experience–when I taught writing at Rutgers I asked one class what kinds of experiences they’d had in Nature…lakes, ocean, rivers, hiking. I was saddened by how little response came through–and these were not inner-city kids. Only one had learned to swim…when visiting his uncle in Central America. Gratitude for that ocean–never realized that before!


  8. peace.


  9. Mesmerizing, truly.


  10. I love this title..thanks for sharing this. Anita


  11. Christie says:

    Calmed…by the rhythmic, soothe.
    Much needed & appreciated…thank you.

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