I have a great deal of nostalgia for Wigton. I had a very rich childhood in everything that mattered. I liked being able to knock on friends’ doors to ask if they were coming out to play. Looking back, I seem to have spent an awful lot of time playing. Wigton gave me a sense of friendliness towards everybody. You just nodded to people and said hello. That ease was helpful.

Melvyn Bragg, from ‘At 83, time goes round too quickly’, in an interview by Kate Kellaway in the ’The Guardian · March 4, 2023


  1. a lovely rhythm to life


  2. I grew up in NY – and even there – the delight of walking around my neighborhood, everyone knew who you were and you knew them, friends would yell out their windows…in my little corner of the world, it was loud for sure – but eclipsed by the warmth. I too, wish for those days


  3. I wonder how we got here.


  4. I have been thinking a lot lately about time and ‘aging’ and am slowly recognizing that time is a construct of our human experience that does not serve my human aging journey well. I want to be more like a tree — or a five year old for whom age is celebrated. A tree doesn’t wonder if it’s getting older… it simply grows until it no longer grows. A five year old doesn’t worry about what it means to get ‘older’. He/she is simply excited by the whole idea of life and growing and changing and exploring and all that jazz!


  5. Wigton was a destination for writers, poets and artists before COVID. A quaint and yet creative place with many bookshops and tea rooms. My mum’s favorite destination.🥰


  6. Here is where technology has failed society, or at least parents have failed their children in not minimizing their use. Kids are locked into social media on their devices and therefore locked inside the house with no blame to a virus. As a kid we were out from sunrise to sunset. Our parents always knew we were around the neighborhood. They saved a lot of money, because nature and our imaginations were our babysitters.


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