Scents I am able to recall…

i can bring back certain scents from memory

maybe you can too

yesterday in a hospital room i was explaining to mom that because of his septoplasty surgery three weeks earlier he has lost his sense of smell

but I was sitting eating a banana and he was able to smell it
same thing when I walked in with a cup of coffee

i could not say that some people have the ability to summon a scent from memory
because this has not been proven yet

List of scents I can summon on demand:

  1. The scent the stem of a rose bleeds right when it’s cut.
  2. The body odor of grandmothers.
  3. The honey-sweet scent of breast milk on a baby’s warm cheeks.
  4. A banana.
  5. Coffee.
  6. Mastic.
  7. Amaretto.
  8. Leather.
  9. Tobacco, pipe Tobacco.

every scent i am able to recall is associated with a pleasant memory
i an not able to recall a scent associated with a bad memory

~ last tambourine, take it all in while you can


  1. last tambourine = Someone we know.
  2. Photo: Marta Dzedyshko (via Pixels)


  1. scent is very powerful and holds some of the strongest sensory memories

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  2. Have always been fascinated by the way in which a smell can immediately take me back to a particular place/time/experience. And as Beth said, have always heard that our olfactory memories are the most powerful. Fascinating.

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  3. Scent is as powerful as its cohorts, and as visceral a trigger…and whoever wrote this, thank you for posting…

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  4. Thank you for sharing DK.
    LOVE this photo pairing.

    I heard that highly intuitive people can bring a scent back from memory.

    When I got COVID I lost my senses of taste and smell. That was not fun.

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  5. Our Sawsan is so very poetic. I really wish she would share more of her writings… I miss Last Tambourine.

    As for this, the sense of smell is so very powerful… After Austin died, I kept a pile of his dirty laundry on the floor. Don’t ask why I left it there, I just did. I found out Mick would go in there daily to scoop it up and deep breathe it in. He didn’t tell me until I finally brought myself to wash it. He was so mad… and now it’s me who tries to find his scent in the sweaters I kept…

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  6. Wait, Sawsan wrote this?! I’m so out of the loop. Beautiful, evocative imagery.

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  7. Not sure if a memory can trigger a scent (maybe), but scents sure can trigger memories.

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