Sully’s Great Adventures

Sully’s Day 3 with Grandpa. (Grandpa is still recovering from Day 2. Story pending.)


Sully’s olfactory receptors gone wild.

Before I could catch him he was into it.  All of it.

Bird Poop + Rotting Fish Heads + Found Egg Yolks = Dry Heaves = Vomit.

Here’s Sully now, purring like a kitten, while Grandpa gets ready for work.


1) More pictures from this morning’s Cove Island Park walk here and here.

2) Sully backstory here.


  1. Fun stuff. Not ..


  2. He’s aware that with no one else in the house, he has to come up with some ways to make you feel needed…what a guy…😉. I hope he’s feeling better…

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  3. Dot is bad for finding everything yucky under the sun. She also likes to roll in it. What is with these guys? Sully does look very content though so he is loving being with Grandpa!


  4. Does Sully do all of “that” with your daughter? or just when batching with you? Interesting that he looks so “clean” even though he’s been through gaggingly disgusting activities.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Oh, Sully, Sully … as good as Caleb!! … “Sully’s Day 3 with Grandpa. (Grandpa is still recovering from Day 2. Story pending.)”


  6. Gross! I would throw up!


  7. What can you do? He’s a dog!


  8. niasunset says:

    Adventure with Grandpa… Who is lucky one… I loved Sully’s experience with you… Thank you, Love, nia

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  9. he’s probably telling his friends about the odd things you do!)


  10. Awww, Sully is giving Grandpa a workout!

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  11. Yuck.

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  12. I fear the worst for the upcoming post ….. dogs, as delightful and lovable they doubtless are, can also be real pigs _(and I apologise to the pigs). Now: what’s next?


  13. Sully needs a shorter leash, for his own good. Let alone for whoever has to clean up after him.

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