Walking. With air kisses in the palm of the hand.

3:30 a.m. 809 consecutive (almost) days on my daybreak walk at Cove Island Park. 809 days, like in a row.

Here we go. (Again)

I walk.

Even for me, today’s early. Too early.  The normal shot-clock is exactly 1 hour prior to scheduled sunrise.  And we jumped the gun.  Mistake was checking Dark Sky App before bed.  Clear skies = clear shot at a crescent moon. So, there we were, 3:45 a.m., my date with camera and Luna.

I take a few shots and walk.

Rebecca Solnit in her book Wanderlust: A History of Walking talks about walking as the intentional act closest to the unwilled rhythms of the body, to breathing and the beating of the hearther thoughts were in themselves a form of locomotion. I thought about all this for a moment.  Well, I’m certainly breathing, and the heart is beating, but that’s about it. My a** is dragging. Rhythm? Locomotion? Nothing happening here.

I walk.

In the past month, there have been 3 incidences. A serendipitous meeting of man and a white-tailed deer popping out from behind a tree. Jesus, Bambi, how about a little heads up? I near crapped myself.

The second event earlier this week, I’m looking out for him, and, he’s waiting for me. He takes a few steps onto the shoreline, and then spins, once and then twice in the soft sand, and turns to stare at me.  See? Be happy! I watch this in disbelief. Did that really happen? Lori, what’s the damn word. App…? Appart..? Aprit…?  He prances down the shoreline, legs on giant steel springs, and disappears.

Then, there was this morning.

You’re going to say, no chance you were that close to him, has to be your Zoom.  And I’m going to tell you, nope, he was that close.

Then you would probably think, he must be a park regular, with visitors feeding the animals, he’s now unafraid of humans. DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.  Maybe, it may just be.

Or maybe, you’re thinking, DK is a Deer Whisperer, irresistible magnetism attracting wildlife like a Pied Piper.

Or you’re likely thinking, and you’d likely be right, these creatures were drunk from the smell of a sugar-laced body dripping sweat from the suffocating 84° F humidity. It all smells like a snack time Happy Hour.

So, back to Bambi. He’s eating grass. He watches me set my gear down on the bench. I approach.

809 consecutive days on my daybreak walk, I can count 2 days where I sat on a bench in the park.  Once to tie my laces, and the other, to say that I did it (at least once).

I walk up to the edge of the grass, and sit.

I stretch my hand out with an offering. And hold my breath.

He takes a few steps forward.

He sniffs my hand, the tip of his nose moist in the palm of my hand.

He takes the first gift, and takes one step back.

He approaches again, and licks the second off my hand.

He’s stares down at me. No more? No more.

He waits for another second or two, those big, brown caramel eyes, locked on mine.

And then, he’s gone.

Apparition. Yes, that’s it.

I’m going to remember this.


  • Photo: DK @ Daybreak. 5:09 a.m. July 23, 2022. 74° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. More photos from this morning here (landscape) and here  (birds), and here (Moon)
  • Post inspired by worries about Climate Change: “…as if the earth under our feet /  were / an excrement of some sky / and we degraded prisoners / destined / to hunger until we eat filth . . . — Carlos Williams, from “To Elsie


  1. Ah Dave, there isn’t a day (all of them, like in a row…since forever I think) that I don’t anticipate your daily musings. Occasionally I think we run on parallel brain waves, which occasionally scares the hell out of me 😉. Perhaps your spirit animal isn’t avian, but a hoofed ruminant…just sayin’

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  2. You never know, what you’ll, encounter on your early morning walks, which make these walks, something worth, looking forward to, because, you’re, on a, brand new, discovery journey, each and every time you head out.

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  3. They want to be friends with The Beast!

    Question, did you go back home between the Moon shots and Sunrise? Or were you on the loose in the wild the whole time?

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    • The Beast! Truth! Almost used that term in this post – Bambi and the Beast. So funny. And I’m always on the loose.

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      • I’m intensely curious about your childhood, David. You have no idea.

        Do we know if it’s a He or a She?

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        • Ah yes. How you manage to expose me. I recall a similar conversation where one passed judgment on another because they didn’t have a clue about which way the earth turned, or the sun rose and set. i couldn’t tell you what most trees are, except the obvious (red maple). Couldn’t tell you if it is a doe or a buck and I even googled it, anticipating this question. I just don’t know.

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  4. Looks like a She to me 🙂

    Don’t get me started on you, DK! You made it this far in life. You’re good.

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  5. What a beautiful encounter, David. Lovely. And I’m amazed at how many quotes you manage to lift from that oh-so boring book 😉 Maybe I’ll try “skimming” through it again, now that I’ve finished Ove… wahhhh! I didn’t want it to end!

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  6. That deer has probably been watching you for 809 days and finally thought he’d take a chance – hit you up for a treat.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Early morning view … “3:30 a.m. 809 consecutive (almost) days on my daybreak walk at Cove Island Park. 809 days, like in a row.”

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  8. Beautiful moon, beautiful writing, beautiful heart. As apparitioinal as the dark side of the moon, unseen but there, always there.

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  9. oh, the deer is thinking of this as well, and you both will remember it for a long time to come


  10. We had an antelope as a pet on the Canadian prairies. They are almost human. I loved her so much. We called her, Bambi (of course)

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  11. Caramel eyes and easing into his day. A lesson for us all.

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  12. Possibly a youngster (not yet scared of wo/man). My guess is male. How beautiful! (All of this, I mean!)

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  13. Amazing!!! 👏👏capture of the moon and the divine deer!! Mother Earth never ceases to astound me every day I’m in it.


    ‘The Deer symbolism is often a sign not to be too hard on yourself. In other words, you must calm the voice of the self-critic and treat yourself with gentleness and understanding.’

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  14. What a joy to read! I once fed a squirrel from the palm of my hand… a deer is way more exciting!

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  15. Prepare: bring more nibbles in your pockets! Lovely encounter…

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  16. niasunset says:

    so beautiful… so beautiful… Thank you, Love, nia

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  17. “DK is a Deer Whisperer, irresistible magnetism attracting wildlife like a Pied Piper”…??? So funny! On the other hand, you’re discovering each day the true beauty in life…to be amazed. You’re very fortunate to have these moments, so go ahead, be funny (roll on the floor, laughing, funny), but we still all know the truth.

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  18. Jesus, i would remember this! What a gift! I think your first impulse was right, the message was and is, “See? Be happy!” Or See and be happy! How lucky you were! ❤

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