Saturday Morning

Thank you Rob @ The Hammock Papers (via Treadwells Bookshop)



  1. Currently, albeit it slowly, heading in that direction, as long as the tea is iced and sweet.

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  2. Welcome wishes, for sure…

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  3. Hhmmm doesn’t sound boring or dull to me. How can you be bored when there is so much to appreciate?

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  4. Sounds like the perfect antidote to me….

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  5. If only!! I haven’t had a sense of peace since 2016 …. it was getting better after Biden/Harris! Its’ come back with a vengance – particularly after Roe!! Not good …

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  6. I guess there is something to be said for keeping one’s head in the sand after all.

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  7. Not for my temperament (as much as I work to govern my red-haired [used to be] self). This description of a life is similar to the one chosen by Odysseus in Plato’s Book 10 of the Republic after his over the top life. Meanwhile I value being receptive to natural beauty–it enhances any experience. And, why you are such a treasure!

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  8. being very slow and quietly moving along are underrated

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    • If he give me credit for being a plodder he will describe me justly. Anything beyond that will be too much. I can plod. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I owe everything.

      Wlliam Carey, “William Carey” by F. Deauville Walker (Chicago: Moody, 1980), 42, 232. (via The Hammock Papers)

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