1. niasunset says:

    “Expediency is a law of nature. The camel is a wonderful animal, but the desert made the camel.” Benjamin Disraeli

    Desert also brings my mind one of my favurite writers, St.Exupéry…

    And sure your special wednesdays…. Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. Ah, Caleb, where are you taking us? No matter, I follow. HHD, Dave! 😉🐫

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  3. Racing into midweek!

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  4. Taking a stroll …

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  5. “Are we almost there?” “He’s staring at me!” “I have to go to the bathroom..”

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  6. eastern cowboys – happy trails!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here’s Caleb … hanging out with friends!! … “Photo: Eugene Tkachenko. Camels in the desert in Egypt (via Unsplash).

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  8. These photos are beautiful, DK, but they always make me thirsty and longing for a bath. And who is watering the garden? … What garden? It’s rare to see a leaf in these places. How do they live like that? “Water! … Water! … Water!” she croaks.

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  9. What a beautiful scene–the real deal for camel life!

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  10. Late day roundup.

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