Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Another day.

Gotta keep it together.

Face the World.

— Tony (Ricky Gervais), After Life. S2:E2


  1. Ricky Gervais – When I got to ‘know’ him, I was absolutely gutted by his effing behaviour. In the meantime I KNOW he is one of the honest people you could meet. He IS disgusting in so many ways but he is also utterly funny, always deep and he hides is so well that most ppl never realise what a profound and intelligent mind he has. One is led to believe that he dispises just about everybody and that he does everything to make everybody believe that.
    I’ve heard SO many good things about this film, I’ve followed every interview and EVERYBODY he worked with, ever, is saying the same thing: He is truthful, ugly, wonderful. If I could watch this film I’d in a heartbeat…

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  2. he can be abrasive and over the top, but always has a bit of truth in all he says. i adored him in the original british ‘office’, and when i heard how it came to be made, i really got him as a person. i intend to watch his whole ‘after life series’ as i’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it.

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  3. Have to add this to the watch list…

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  4. If you can get past his utterly foul mouth. I can’t stand him as a comedian but I’ve heard this was worth watching. Mind you…

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  5. We’ve been watching this and enjoying it. He is brilliant.

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  6. I have always struggled with the phrase, “brutally honest”, except where Jackie Gervais is concerned. His brutal honesty is refreshing.
    On my watchlist!
    Thanks DK – I was looking for a new obsession! 🙂

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Good morning! Ricky Gervais is brilliant in this and he hits all the notes when it comes to living with grief. And the humor is spot on – dark and hilarious. Cheers!

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I’ve heard about it … gonna have to look it up! Thanks for the tip!!


  9. At first I thought this movie may be a comedy like Albert Brooks’ “Defending Your Life.” So, not at all. Then had to look up his marital and parental status…His partnership with Jane sounds incredibly wonderful. Funny that he’s obsessive about the well-being of his pets, and knows he’d worry sick about any child he ever had. [My mother had a little of that (she was orphaned at a young age) and it can be survived as long as the child has some perspective.]

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  10. God how we need that in our face that nugget of truth that makes our eyes pop out and our mouth open to give a shout…

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  11. I do appreciate him! Saw the series in the UK. Opened my eyes. Revealed some judgements in me. Reminded me of how others are. And that’s okay.

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  12. this looks funny, thanks for the suggestion…

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