Moved. To the Core.

Don’t miss other Photos here: NYC Gives Final Value to slain NYPD Officer (Daily Mail) (Thank you Eric for sharing)


  1. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Moving…/// they knew each other since they were five-years old..Such a tremendous loss, to all…

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  3. So moving … and so important to share this feeling of community, caring and support. 💛🙏💛

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  4. so sad, yet so inspirational…

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  5. This is so sad!

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  6. As much as we need reminders of the heart of humanity, this is one example which tugs so hard at the confused heart…community grieving – it’s almost an oxymoron.

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  7. 😥

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    So sorry!! … “NYC Gives Final Value to slain NYPD Officer (Daily Mail).”


  9. niasunset says:

    so sad…

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  10. There was a movie made years ago starring Jerry Lewis, titled “The Delicate Delinquent”. He lived in a rough neighborhood with those hardened delinquents one of which he was not. Though they pressed upon him to join he resisted even in the face of threats. He was taken under the wing of a police officer who saw in him a good that needed the proper outlet to save him from what the others would become through minds settled. So he joined the police academy and in the end would bring to justice those who unsuccessfully tried to make him one of their own.

    So, regardless of our backgrounds none of us are stuck where we are unless we choose to be. Rather than embracing victimhood our delicate delinquent rose to heroism. It’s always our choice.

    The NYPD officer and his partner slain made theirs as did their murderer. When justice has its way order is renewed. The officers are honored and the perp is jailed or slain himself by his own device.. For once, justice is not absurd.

    The sea of blue of fellow officers from around the country was more than impressive. It will be remembered. Thousands assembled to honor the one. The one who like themselves, men or women, black or white, leaves their home and family each day with the thought in mind that they may not be returning when their watch for the day is done.

    One can never forget as the slain officer’s casket passed, it seemed as a wave of white as the thousands there assembled, in unison, raised their white gloved hands to the brow in salute to their fallen fellow guardian of the public.

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